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L inks to friend's and associates of WebJDC. These websites range from musicians, to published photographers, and to my direct competition.

Brandon Roosa is a talented photographer that has been published in magazines, and has had successful showing. His artistic eye has gotten him far, and by promoting his own he became notices as a fantastic graphic designer as well. On top of his photography he offers his graphic design services for making posters.

Paul Reitz is skilled computer programmer, 3d artist, and game designer. He started out in a more technical field, networking, but soon found out he was more creative than that. Paul used to be a more jack of all trades, is programmer by day, and freelance everything else by night.

Rafeal Richrdson is a photographer and graphic artist. Here is someone that likes to laugh, and make other people laugh, and it’s shown in his work. He has an eye for photography as you can see from his work.

Matt Smiley is great at about anything he attempts, or perhaps he only attempts what he knows he does well. He has a degree in multimedia but chooses to not use it, he would rather make music. The sad thing he his is a wonderful 3d artist and animator, but he loves music more. However, he has not abandoned the graphic world; he continues to do graphics for his band.

Mike Curn is an apsiring 3D artist. He currently teaches at ITT Technical Institute. He is verry interested in game development, and is one of the best QA testers and Leads around.

Scott Howard is another indivudual that is well rounded. He is great at 3d art, video editing, and programming. I met Scott in college where we worked on Gulo together, as well as worked along side, and under, him as game Testers.

Laura Dawson may not be into graphic arts or programming, but she has a blog that is well maintained. Some of it may be about personal life, and other parts are random and indluce things about the news, either way you will get a perspective you will not get anywhere else.